Saturday, April 16, 2011

tentang Tales of the Ages

this is actually a reply to Rique's question. i realized what i wrote was way too long so i decided to post it as a blog post. (im being lazy so i copy-paste the whole thing i wrote)

hey i think i've seen that teaser before! dunno when but must've followed a link from some forum. neway..

i think it looks awesome. love the characters, love the colours, and especially love the editing. i don't think malaysia have a nice proper editing work like that in our animations. maybe u guys can be the first, congrats!

but the characters look a bit awkward when they walk/run (0:21 in the video especially). i suspect the kain batik causing some rigging or animating limitations. but maybe it's just me.

another thing that could improve the looks of both environment and character models.. normal maps. i think some of the 3D models could use a little bit more detailing (ie on the monster and rock cliff's models, in Timun Mas). but yeah.. it could be time consuming.

having said all that.. the videos are teasers after all. so maybe the full shorts will look heaps better? so.. will it be aired on tv or what? seriously, i am extremely curious about TOTA now.

lol im ranting. this reply should be a new blog post :P. neway thanks for ur comment Rique. best of luck to glue studios and hope to see ur works on tv or cinema soon! .. and perhaps break this lescopaque/animosta dominance in our animation industry before they become too big

so if anyone's curious what is the hujung pangkal of this Tales of the Ages animation, here's the video of Glue Studios's Bawang Putih Bawang Merah teaser trailer and Timun Mas teaser trailer.

award winning videos are property of Glue Studios (

i think i like Timun Mas a little bit more that the Bawangs :P

Friday, April 1, 2011

tentang Pada Zaman Dahulu

the creators of Upin&Ipin and Geng The Adventure Begins
revealed their new IP yesterday, a beautifully rendered and designed..

Pada Zaman Dahulu (Once Upon A Time) is a 3d animated series that brings to life the Malaysian folk stories of a clever mousedeer, Sang Kancil and other jungle creatures. Their fantastic adventures are told by a grandfather to his city-based grandchildren. Aris and Ara are sent to live with their grandparents, Aki and Wan, in the village when their parents have to go overseas. Every day Aki would tell them stories about Sang Kancil to entertain as well as to impart wisdom and advice on how to become responsible individuals.

today they revealed more about their new gem and provided us with this cute sneak peek video

i have to say, i am super excited with this announcement. a proper and significant progress for Les'Copaque. and honestly, to me, i think it's definitely a significant progress in our animation industry. congrats Les'Copaque!!

there is a Sang Kancil animation (series?) in the making (or is it done i am not sure) by aniotek. i cant remember exactly what it is.. if anyone can shed some light about this issue i'd be grateful. but i do wonder how they'll feel about this development in our animation industry. if it was me i'd feel threatened.

i do hope more local companies will speed up their production and air their animation series. i've seen lots of em online but have not seen them made their way on tv. it's tough i know.. but it seems doable. like LCP and Animonsta have done. and i little bit of me wish that someday i too can produce an animation tv series ^^

more about PZD at their blog -
and heaps of pics on their facebook page -
Demoreel - May 2011