Thursday, April 30, 2009

DWIV - modeling progress 6

tentang Deadline yang semakin hampir

okeh.. dominance war dah nak abih. tinggal 12 hari je lagi ni. terase cam banyak je keje nak kene buat. mati aku ni. ramai asik tanye2 mane progress ni. wahh... panik!

sekarang ni aku dah siap unwrap.. UVW aku rase dah ok. normal map aku dah setelkan semalam. hopefully takyah nak adjust dah sebab leceh. percubaan untuk buat normal map dlm zbrush atau mudbox gagal. tapi nasib baik ade xNormal memudahkan keje. hehe

AO map maybe kene betukan sikit2. tapi those inconsistencies mase calculation tu buatkan map tu jadik cam cool n asymmetry. so maybe lepas setel buat diffuse map bleh tengok balik la kalau nak kene alter AO map ke tak. harap2 takyah le >_<

setel seme2 tu then bleh buat basic rig untuk posekan dia. then bleh render. owh lupe nak kene buat padestal la pulak. adei.. simple2 letak gribble pun jadik le kot. haha. i'll make it more presentable lah.

so i reckon i'll have to get all this done in 5 days from today. the final week is for me to prepare the submission materials. i'll need to submit these :-
i) text image
ii) beauty shot
iii)presentation shot
iv) construction shot
v) texture sheet
vi) presentation image

mati aku @_@

so i have a feeling that this 12 days, there will be a decrease in blogging activity. i'll try to post some stuff up if i get the chance. ngeee

Thursday, April 23, 2009

tentang Kangaroo Island, Australia

i'm going on a trip to Kangaroo Island today with my wife and her friends today.. wohoo!! cant wait to to do all the stuff we plan to do. there will be some jalan2 makan angin around kingscote, the town on that island.. maybe go around the island and see the native wildlife (kangaroos of course, koalas, emu, etc etc) and enjoy the island scenery. have a feeling this trip is gonna be awesome. did i mention we're planning to go fishing on saturday? i always fish in ponds when i was a little brat but never on a boat in the middle of the sea off an island.

so, camera.. check! batteries.. check!! backup batteries? no money for that. sure hope i wont regret not having any :P

here's a rough description of Kangaroo Island. it is the third largest island in state of South Australia (negeri dia nama tu),Australia. located seouthwest of Adelaide, from my house we'll be driving for about 3 hours and then another 1 hour ferry ride to kangaroo island. i'm not the driver but i think i'll need to study the map a little just in case. the island is a home for most native aussie wildlife plus seals, penguins, and sea lions. sounds cool eh? but i dont expect to get to see all of those critters. we'll need proper timing for that.

so i'll be back on sunday evening with loads of pics which i plan to upload like a handful here. it is now 1pm.. we'll be leaving in an hour but i still havent finish packing!!

blogger of the day!! :D

woke up to a very chilly 15degrees morning and when i logged in to BU today guess what.. my face (although only half of it) is on the main page of *bloggerunited as Blogger of the Day! awe.. some !!!

but what did i do to get that i wonder? well.. thanks BU. im honored. now people get to see my face on the main page all day LOL :D

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

'Four Seasons' - uniquely Rundle Mall

this is an advertisement made by thepra (the people's republic of animation), a local studio in Adelaide. cool name eh? they made some cool animation adverts as well.. check out their website

rundle mall is the shopping area in adelaide. a padestrian mall style shopping in the middle of the CBD. pretty cool place if u come to adelaide. not really for the shopping but for the people.. a lot of people. well i'd say people in midvalley megamall on a sunday supersale event would be a lot more but that's in KL.. it's different over there. Adelaide is a quiet country city, so.. that many people at one place is.. astonishing... in a way :D but the buskers there are always cool

hey i just realized these past few entries are in english. how cool is that?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DWIV - modeling progress 5

UVW unwrap + AO map + 3pt lighting

that is all. well.. took me a few days unwrapping. that was hell. and then i decided to learn the basics of sculpting in Mudbox.. but i by the looks of it.. i dont think i'm gonna be good at it quickly enough. the normal map came out lousy.. pretty sure i didnt set it up correctly. need to really learn mudbox instead off rushing into it and hoping things will work out

well.. guess no mudbox for DWIV.. back to crazybump lah

i think i need to add another joint for the hind legs. i'll do that when i get back from trip to Kangaroo Island. going on a trip this thursday!!!! ^_^

Sunday, April 19, 2009

unofficial button for bloggerunited

made a quick button for * to put on my blog so just thought i'd share it. nothing special.. just another one of those mac style buttons. u know the drill



have fun! and ohw.. let me know if u like em

11.50pm Edit : just realized the official buttons are now available on the site. get it here :D

Saturday, April 18, 2009

tentang beta

so today i got a msg in my shoutbox from ms crunchies (i'll assume u're a miss because of the muacks i got.. on second thought.... please be a ms and not a mr >_<)(and yes.. my wife did ask me about it lol) asking me to check out * (BU) and i did.. and i think it is pretty cool

BU is an online community. like other communities out there, this one's made for bloggers (hence the name) and i'm guessing i dont have to describe the website in detail because it is mainly the same thing. to help bloggers connect with other bloggers and promote, attract traffic, etc etc etc.

most of the time i would check out sites like this.. register.. try it out for like 5 mins.. and never login again ever after doing a quick google search for my own blog. but BU didnt have the same effect on me.

among the features i found by roughly clicking through the site for abt an hour are blog listing (obviously), Facebook, Youtube, Plurk, Flickr and Twitter support. if u set everyting up properly (simple guides provided below the setting of each feature's settings page) it will show up at your BU profile page. a lot more facebook like basic features are there too but i haven't really mastered the site yet.

it may still sounds like other communities up to this point but i would say that what makes BU attrective is the simplicity of the site. it has the kind of vibe facebook used to have.. if u guys still remember it lah (like 2 versions ago when everything is still simple and cool. they had to go clutter it up >_<). to me.. the simplicity of the site is a huge plus that makes all those beta bugs feel like not a bother at all. so ms crunchies, thanks for inviting me to join.. and i hope * will grow and stay strong.

EDIT: (01/10/09) this article was written in april.. and i am glad to add here that the community have grown and i still utilize the site everyday. i love it! ^^

Thursday, April 16, 2009

DWIV - modeling progress 4b +some crap

notice the title? progress 4b because i spent the day remodeling the legs and remodeling again .. and probably again. im kinda happy with the one i end up with but the screenies dont seem like i did much work today. well.. + minor proportion tweaks here n there. barely noticable

i'm feeling kinda pissed and puzzled with those crap life throws at me today. so waking up to a bad start today and most of the day today i was feeling shitty. u know that feeling u cant win.. no matter how hard u try and u have this feeling that whatever happens.. dude u're not gonna be happy.

aww crap.

anyway here's new progress. disregard the rants earlier. just me blowing off some steam :D

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DWIV - modeling progress 4


the leg still needs some major work.. kinda rushed that part. i'll work on it tomorrow. gotta get that rest now. tell me what you think guys. thanks~!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

tentang Rock Kapak

tetibe tadi teringat lagu lama.. Cempaka di Rembulan. haha tah sape le ingat lagi lagu tu. aku pun memule ingat chorus je.. tajuk pun tak ingat. tepakse quick google search pastu jumpe lah segala nye. teringat laa zaman kecik2 dulu mase isabella baru top. mase rock = seluar kulit ketat2 rambut panjang. aku kecik lagi mase tu reti nyanyi je la. tak ikut la dressing seme

tapi best gak ek kalau dapat carik balik lagu2 rock kapak lama2 tu. aku dah tak ingat tajuk satu pun dah. ingat nama group je. agak2 sekarang ni orang bleh namekan tak top 5 rock kapak 80s & 90s diorang

nostalgic lah

Saturday, April 11, 2009

DWIV - modeling progress 3

tangan... tapi yg biru tu seme still blocking.

ngantuk.. nak tido.. sambung besok2 lah

Thursday, April 9, 2009

DWIV - modeling progress 2

dah tambah shoulders dia. tapi sekarang ni tak tau nak model betul2 ikut sketch aritu ke nak tukar. both look cool tapi tatau lah nak choose

a) ikut proportion asal.. yg dlm sketch tu...

b) broader shoulders.. aku rase nampak cool

DWIV - modeling progress

slow amat progress aku ni. pfftttt kehidupan >_<

ok aku dah model kepala n spine dia. feel nampak ok. maybe still sedikit blocky tapi dah siap model seme part nanti baru start add more detail. i'll worry bout that later bile sampai masenye lah

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

DWIV - all the way

semalam aku telah men-submit thread dwIV aku kat and later that night dapat email pasal penyertaan aku and thumbnail aku has been accepted. which means.. penyertaan aku dalam dominance war IV tahun ni dah disahkan la.

aku ade la email cikgu 3d aku dulu tu pasal involvement aku dlm dwIV kan.. and dia dah tengok la and comment and sebagainye lah. lantas dia cakap.. 'I expect you to go all the way and finish the model'. haram sungguh.. thats one way to pressure me to do this thing whilst my priority is to get a job. a proper job >_<

pfft.. runsing sudah. tapi as long as ada time ni aku nak siapkan la war machine ni. in some ways kan.. it is an honour to get that from former cikgu kan. pretty cool really

neway.. linkye kat sini :D

Sunday, April 5, 2009

tentang daylight saving

Your Daylight Saving Time Has Come
bersempena berakhirnye daylight saving harini.

kol 2 pagi tadik kitorang yg kat adelaide ni pun seme pakat2 la rewind kan semua jam kitorang 1 jam ke belakang. jadik pukul 1 balik la.. and go through 1.00 am 05/04/2009 untuk kali kedua. kalau memule dulu masih n00b lagi dgn this 'fenomena-kejadahnye' ni memang rase aneh. tapi sekarang having been through daylight saving ni a couple of times dah rasa terbiasa sikit la. last nite.. we all got an hour more sleep.

bermulanye harini perbezaan masa adelaide dgn KL jadik 1jam 30mins je ( berbanding semalam 2jam 30mins). nanti 04/10/2009 nanti tukar balik lah. tambah sejam pulak.

Friday, April 3, 2009

DWIV - blocking untuk 3D

aku dah mula start merangka design war machine aku dalam 3D. langkah 'blocking' ni sama macam merangka karangan la. dapat tengok overall proportion benda ni.

owh aku dah kasik nama. sedikit poyo. tapi ok je la. war machine aku ni namenye Metallisk :D
Demoreel - May 2011