Sunday, October 16, 2011

tentang Pada Zaman Dahulu.. teaser

wahh.. sashiburi da na, minna! i have a quick update. ^___^

Pada Zaman Dahulu,
aku rajin blogging
aku tak kerja
aku tinggal kat adelaide

all of those statements are true but only one i regret (though just slightly) to have happened. but anyhow, this post is dedicated to our (by that i mean the company i work for) new IP coming out next month. it is a new animation TV series called Pada Zaman Dahulu (or 'Once Upon a Time..' in english)

i wrote abt it before. but back then i was still jobless, living in the countryside ^^

the series will be aired on TV Al-Hijrah (that's a malaysian tv station) in november.
we just released a new teaser. enjoy!

did you enjoy it? hope you did. honestly.. how could you not? yeah maybe because it's a little brief. but hey.. it is after all a teaser.

and do leave comments/feedback here or on youtube or on pada zaman dahulu facebook page. we really appreciate your opinion ^^ .

owh btw..

 and more pics available at the facebook page^^

p/s: a friend of mine asked 'so why do the kancil have fangs?' it's kinda funny to me too.. but they actually do have fangs. google it up. i saw this image and they have like a very long cured fang.. liek a birds' claws. freaky~ @_@
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