Friday, June 25, 2010

tentang June 25th

on that date every year, i turn a year older.


will update on this topic soon.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

tentang Cinematic Gaming at Gawler Twin Cinema

i'm not talking about gaming cinematic vids here. the True Cinematic Gaming is a fortnightly event held at the Gawler cinema where gamers (console gamers) can attend and compete to win prizes. and oh.. the competition event will use the cinema screen. that is one huge screen to play on

the screen

i missed the first ever event in may. did not know about it then. but i went there on monday to have a look. meet them people and see for myself what happens and what games are there. i mostly play MMOs on PC.. and the last console that i had was a ps2 that i sold around 5 years ago. so i don't think i know how to play the new games on a ps3 or xbox360 in multiplayer mode

only $5 for a spectator ticket, $10 for 'MiniGame' Players and $15 (this may change) for 'Registered' Players.

how was the event? pretty cool actually. there were around 20 people there and maybe 16 of them compete. for now, they only organize comps for COD:MW2. the gamers are split into 2 teams and will go against each other in a 2v2 matches until every gamer have played 3 matches. winning team will receive prizes each, and player with the highest points wins the grand prize. last monday, it was a $100 EBGames voucher. that is a lot.

the event

why 2v2? that is what i asked because a PC gamer like me would assume an FPS game would be like 5v5 or 10v10 matches.. but it is different on consoles. it is probably the easier (and more practical) option to go for a 2v2 split-screen matches format.

the organizers are planning to have a bigger event, with more games and consoles. but with 20-ish people, there in not so much they can do. they are hoping more people will hear about this and be interested.

as for me, i think i'll attend the next and start to be a regular even though i don't go there to play. i don't want to be that n00b that provides the other team all the kills. i think this event is a great idea that probably needs some time to start up. who knows maybe one day it will be a common thing for cinemas all over the world to organize something like this.

for more information about this head to their Facebook page

if anyone in Adelaide is interested in this, the next event does not have an official date yet but it probably will be in 4 weeks time. Monday, 6.30pm to 12.00am in Gawler. keep an eye on their Facebook page for announcements.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

tentang Things You Can Do At The Cinema

well.. other than watching movies that is.

i got free tix for the movie The A-Team last week. pretty exciting since i rarely ever get anything for free. wonder if it is the luck of June, the month i turn a year older. anyway, the tickets say "Valid at participating South Australia Cinemas only". so yeah i went online and checked out which cinema and what time and when we'll be using those tix. we decided to go next weekend ^_^


but when i was checking out the website for Hoyts Cinema, i came across this.

that's Live World Cup matches in the cinema.. on the massive cinema screen, in 3D!!! whoa i'm not a huge fan of football (or any other sports anymore), but i would absolutely go at least once. why not? and say if the tickets for the group matches and for final match costs the same.. why not go and watch live football in 3D at the cinemas? once in every 4 years experience.. even at 4am in the morning i'd go if it doesn't cost a fortune. it would be insanely cool

unfortunately not all Hoyts Cinemas have this live world cup matches. and none in adelaide. but i guess even if they have it here it is unlikely that i'd go. none of the people i know here is a 'kaki bola'. so, no point watching football if you have nobody to share the fun with

and yesterday i was walking past our local tiny Gawler Village Twin Cinema and there was this poster.

'True Cinematic Gaming'

what is it? it just a gathering of console gamers who meet every fortnight at the cinema and hang out.. have fun.. play video games on the massive cinema screen! hell yeah. there will be (or so they say) competitions and prizes to be won. and they are actually sponsored by pretty big companies too. so, not bad at all.

the first ever event was last week, on the 7th of June. i didn't know of it till yesterday so i missed that one. but i'm planning, and really looking forward to join them next week. this one, i hope, will be epic!

so gamers in SA, if you guys are interested, more info is available at True Cinematic Gaming's Facebook page.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

tentang Cooler Than Me

there are 2 things that im getting sick of hearing on tv now. one.. that Israeli attack/self-defence issue and the interview of Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner on aussie tv. the first issue just spawns so much negativity that i think even talking of it is poison.. and the latter is just ridiculous. i like the twilight saga, both book and movie.. but that much hype and how kids look at them like they are gods.. is a little too disgusting. no im not jealous

so anyway .. there is a song i want to share. don't know if the radio back home has started playing this song or not.. but i just thought i'd share. first heard it on Ellen Show.. a performance by Joseph Vincent (the video below the original one). the original song is by Mike Posner

'Cooler Than Me' - Mike Posner
(with lyrics)

'Cooler Than Me' Cover - Joseph Vincent
on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
(the song starts at 1:01)

love the song because it sounds so cool.. and i love the cover even more actually. the acoustics guitar makes it song even cooler. that is epic

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

tentang June and Winter

it is june! which means 2010 is almost half way huh? i'm having the feeling that time, somehow, managed to go by very quickly this year. sigh

anyhow, the beginning of june is also mark the starting of winter here in the southern hemisphere. i love cold weather, but..

without proper heating, winter is almost painful. the first 2 years living in Roseworthy, we had proper (although not so well positioned) heating/cooling system in that house. but this year we've moved to a smaller house, closer to town. cheaper but it did not have proper heating. and when it gets cold, it is almost painful

yeah.. it only gets down to 6-10 °C but it is still cold.

winter here in adelaide is cold and wet. this year there have been more rain that past 2 years i think. and the sky is always cloudy reminding me of that town of Cork in that vampire movie. i wonder if vamps would come out and roam the roads of gawler during winter. they're probably a lot less scary than drunken hobos that talk to themselves (although sometimes they look like they are in packs) and shout at everything. and all that is during the day

yeah im just ranting.. :D. will continue on my 3D after lunch!
and oh BTW i managed to gain 2kg since beginning that home-fitness-video-game-thing called Wii ^_^
Demoreel - May 2011