Monday, May 25, 2009

tentang PuppetUp!

i have never seen this show before. it is from The Jim Henson Company.. the creators of Fraggle Rock, The Muppets, and (i think most people will know this one) Sesame Street's muppets (Jim Henson's puppets). so this show is an improvisational comedy and is hilarious. must watch. yes.. must watch

there's more of PuppetUp! Uncensored on utube. look it up and enjoy. i did :D

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

tentang 'noob' as 1millionth word in the English dictionary

first time i heard abt this was on Good Game's Gamer News (ABC tv) but i wasn't really paying attention to it so i forgot everything bout it. suddenly tonite i stumbled upon the news once more somewhere on the net.

The English language will celebrate its one millionth word next month, with "defriend", "noob" and "chiconomics" among the candidates, linguistic experts have predicted.

the chosen word will only be announced till June 10th so as for now.. it is NOT yet an official word.

always doubting news read from a mere blog.. i did a quick search hoping that i could find a real source.. somewhere more trustworthy. but after 3 pages of google search, most of the hits come from blogs. with exception of website under their culture tab.

read the whole article there ya

would be pretty cool if i can actually use the word NOOB in scrabble XDXDXD

Monday, May 18, 2009

DWIV - submitted

yeah it is done. here are all the 6 (Text, Concept, Construction, Presentation, Beauty, and Texture) final images compiled into 1 image. yes confusing :D because im too lazy to upload and watermark each image. but if anyone wanna see any of those images enlarged let me know ya.

(click to enlarge)

now.. what's next? i need a job lah.

DWIV - deadline

yeah.. finished all the required stuff to be submitted for Dominance War IV. uploaded it to 3DTotal forum and awaiting any comments from them forumers. in case that i missed something so hopefully i can fix it before the deadline. at the moment i typed this, it is 1 day, 12 hours and 38 mins till deadline.

im so excited!! :D

Thursday, May 14, 2009

DWIV - beauty shot

(click to enlarge)

stuff to submit for dominance war competition :-

1. Text Image
2. Beauty Shot
3. Presentation Shot
4. Construction Shot
5. Texture Sheets
6. Concept Image

beauty shot.. checked!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Departures (Japanese movie)

read about this Japanese movie today on is actually no.1 on his May movie list. pretty cool list.

so i did a quick search for the trailer on utube. looks pretty cool. probably a sad movie but kinda cool. and ryoko hirosue is in it.. so.. :D

DWIV - modeling progress 7

a quick update. i am now quite happy with the texture i have now. maybe still in need of a little touch up.. but to have been working for weeks now texturing it i think i am now have had too much of it. in this state, i may not be able to see obvious flaws on it. my eyes are @_@

however.. i am still pretty pleased with it.

if there are anything anyone wishes to point out please do so. anything at all really. thanks

Monday, May 11, 2009

tentang Kangaroo Island trip

i decided to spend some time today to post those KI trip pictures. so from 400++ pics i chose the accteptable pics which was around 150pics. still too many to upload. again i had to choose the better ones and that left me with some 60+ pics. i did that again and again till finally i ended up with this 20+ pics.

we spent 4 days on Kangaroo Island. we originally planned to go there on thursday but the weather was pretty bad so we had to cancel. the next day was better so we go on with the plan and finally arrived at Rachel's at night. went straight to bed.. some of us were pretty seasick from the rough ferry ride (including me).

the next day we drove around to some of the interesting places around KI. well.. the island is pretty big. maybe about 3 (maybe more) hours drive across. so it is a good idea to really plan the trip. so that day we sort of drive around the northern part of the island.

that night we went fishing.. unsuccessfully. it was raining and the current was making things hard and it was freezing cold. yes freezing. maybe below 10degrees. and raining. and windy. >_< we spent like 30 mins but decided it's probably not a good idea. then we sat around a campfire (oh warmth!) and had our little barbeque. that was heaps fun.

day three we went to a sheep farm (cheese!), this eucalyptus oil place, a honey farm and at night we went to Kingscote for dinner and took the penguin tour. imagine walking on this trail at the seashore at night with a red spotlight (because red lights doesnt hurt the penguins' eyes) and wild penguins were everywhere beside the trail.

day four, final day, we drove across the island in the morning to Flinders Chase National Park. it's this big national park with cool places like Remarkable Rock and Admiral's Arch but parts of the national park is still closed to public because of the bushfire last year.

around 3pm we went back to the other side of the island straight to Penneshaw. got on the ferry back to Cape Jarvis and drove straight home.

more pics on fesbuk

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

tentang - online campaign video

*thinking of something smart to say


save the rainforest by The Prince of Wales featuring Daniel Craig, Robin Williams, Pelé, and many more. well.. watch it :D

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

tentang Demoreel baru

finally.. it is uploaded and processed by utube. my first HD video upload. hm.. took a little time but worth it.

EDIT: the demoreel have been updated. view latest demoreel here (

tip - watch it in HQ :D

tentang Upcoming demoreel update

astaga.. uploading a 50mb vid when u're already half asleep and tired of waiting really is not a good idea. i probably should just cancel the upload.. go to bed and upload the vid tomorrow. instead.. i choose to type this. and if i managed to finish typing before the upload completes, then you'll see my new updated demoreel underneath. if it's not there, well.. wait for it tomorrow

the new demoreel is still a modeling reel. did not add any animation in it. and no.. not model as in person+catwalk+fashion stuff. unless u wanna see messy geek with bad taste walk up and down the catwalk, which i dont think u would, i declare that i am no model.

i model stuff in 3D. characters mostly.

so in the update i put in The Metalisk model turnaround. it is my Dominance War IV entry i made (which is actually still unfinished) (.. and reminds me that i have 7 days left till deadline!!!! @_@). and i'm planning to send in the demoreel dvd to a company here. i hope i could get a job there >_<. doing anything really

there.. 'cancel upload' button pressed. will update in teh morning.. or whatever time i wake up and manage to get myself reoriented


Sunday, May 3, 2009

tentang Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen

just watched the new trailer.. i cried T_T

it's gonna be soo cool.. beyond awesome!!!!
Demoreel - May 2011