Sunday, August 7, 2011

tentang Life and Some Depressing Things

oh wow it must have been quite a while since i last posted anything on my blog. the blogger editor is different now >_<

but anyway.. though it is a week overdue, i wish all my fellow muslim friends happy fasting and to others happy ramadhan. it is a very good month and lets concentrate harder to do (and spread) more good in our everyday life. in islam, during the month of ramadhan, the satan/devil is chained and prevented from influencing us human from being naughty.. unfortunately, trolls re not chained


so yeah i have been working. have been really busy. but i have to say i am enjoying my life as a professional again and doing what i love. yeah the stress and way too often stress waves is hard to enjoy but hey, no sacrifice no glory. *queue 'edge of glory' XD

ok enough abt work. i was starting to blabber abt stress which isnt the most fun thing to talk abt lah. heh

so last month, and even until this week really, i think my luck is on the bad side. fingers crossed that it will tilt to the other end soon.. and hope i will benefit from it! XD

i have been experiencing heaps of malfunctioning equipments and things i own lately. my ps3's BRD died. my wife's phone battery 'exploded'. my car's clutch paddle broke (on my way back home for berbuka, which i finally ended up having my proper break fast at 12am T_T), and my brand new basketball shoes' soles broke off (both sides!) the 2nd time i wore it, which was last night for a basketball session.

.. and one of the weeks, i was almost hit while driving 3 times. once while stopping at a red light, another while driving normally on a highway which an accident happened right beside me, and another was while driving late night  and a speeding car came out of a junction, straight onto the left lane (slow lane) i was on, causing me to skid maybe 50 meters and on to the side of the road where i stopped, alhamdulillah, safely.

hmm.. all this talk is depressing.


however, lots of unexpected things have happened to me too. but more about that later. ima go buy some sayur from the shops. get ready for berbuka. i have no idea what to cook tonight.. now i know how hard it is for my wife to decide what to cook everyday. she's away for work at the moment lah. i had to look after myself which is something i have not done for quite some time now XD

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