Wednesday, December 23, 2009

tentang Paranormal Activity (2009) movie

yesterday we thought we'd go watch this movie everyone been talking about. it seems almost everyone says it's scary as hell. so me, my wife and some friends decided to go watch it at gawler cinema, that old-school cinema. the cinema may look old but it is very well maintained.

so how was the movie? if u liked 'the blair witch project', well u might find this interesting. as for me, i loved it. considering we just moved in to this house and we hear footsteps and scratchings in the wall and ceiling at night. and sometimes we were woken at 5am to a very loud hissing noise coming from the ceiling. we have possums in the roof but yeah.. Paranormal Activity did make me a little bit jumpy. a little bit.

after the movie, driving back home, we decided not to discuss (or even mention) the movie. and to get our minds off the creepy ideas the movie managed to force into our heads, we decided to watch The Big Bang Theory dvd in bed. it worked and we slept well that night.

i have not been freaked out by a horror movie for some time now. i think the last time was when my friends and i watched that original japanese 1998 horror film 'Ringu' or 'The Ring'. that was in 2002 (i think) and the idea was still fresh and before it got cliche. lucky the this weird genre have become too much of a cliche even after the success of the blair witch project.

i regret that i looked away when the visual got too.. unpleasant. now i really want to see how the face looked like (minimal spoiler here). i managed to find a friend who has that movie and watched it again. unfortunately the ending was different. and in a unexpectedly lucky way i managed to watch both endings in 24 hours. what a pleasant surprise.

i liked the hollywood ending better (by that i mean the new, movie-cut ending, not the original ending) but both endings are pretty good. but i still didnt get to see the face.


  1. ade different ending ke ? ish .. camene ni ..

  2. @Eldy - had to. it's either sleep well or hardly sleep at all

    @R.K - yes 2 different endings. they say the alternate ending will be in the DVD when it's released. well.. normally they do that. and some deleted scenes as well. thats what they say lah. internet is never a reliable source anyway

  3. kalau tgk movie hantu melayu skang,lagi la kelakar..hehhe..

    kalau yg zaman 80s nye dulu,mmg seram...

  4. x brape suka citer seram ni..tgk twilight lagi best..

    Great Teacher Onizuka

  5. @ijau - takpe takut.. kalau semua orang berani tak best la buat cite hantu

    @Faryn - skarang susah kot nak buat cite hantu. banyak sgt syarat2

    @Eyriqazz - tapi tengok twilight bukan untuk takut2 la. kalau sape tengok twilight tapi takle tido malam tu memang ade masalah aa tu hehe


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