Monday, January 4, 2010

tentang 2010 and PC Problem

well.. happy new year!!!

i bet now everyone have (or at least thought of) a new year's resolution. yeah i know i'm a bit late and this topic is so outdated but i'll just post it anyway. my blog.. my rules aight! so shush :D

i am glad to be able to write again. when 2010 arrived this laptop that i have been using since over 2 years now decided it's time to make me do some maintenance work on em. it happily froze up everytime i'm doing something important and finally a few days ago, even after i cleaned up all the million files on desktop and defragged and exterminated all the alien programmes i could find, the laptop decided to screw up windows.

but in the end i managed to backup all the important files and start a fresh installation. and now im still busy downloading and updating programs for the laptop and everything seems fine now. well still have some quirks here and there but all in all it's doing well.

so yeah.. new year, new start, new goals and fresh new old windowsXP installation for my laptop.

happy new year everyone ^^


  1. happy new year...moga kamu tidak kusut lagi ;)

  2. happy new year bro... my pc also something wrong already...

  3. thanks Faryn! tak terlalu kusut tapi controlled and organized kusut :D

    thanks junsern! maybe our pcs were having too much partying resulting to a very bad hangover


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