Monday, May 17, 2010

tentang Back From Break.. and Heavier!

hey hey i have been away from blogging for a real while huh? i was concentrating on other things for a few weeks in hopes that i could improve my life. hey.. being a blogger doesn't mean we can have no life and not try to improve right?

but yeah things don't always go as we have hoped and really liked

but getting over all those things, hey i'm back and will try to quickly pick up blogging where i left it. and with a brand new mission! i'll try to post something every 2 days. i know i have been lazy the few weeks before i went AWOL by posting vids after vids. the lack of original input from me was pretty obvious huh?

hence the long break i decided to take. it is very good to take a break once in a while. that's what i've been told anyway, the truth isn't necessarily be that way.

however, i am currently halfway in on my mission to GAIN weight. yes.. gain. last week i planned to gain 4kg in 2 weeks. and as of today i managed to gain 1kg. still in the IDEAL BMI category but oh man a little less and i'd be underweight. so yeah.. im not that kind of 'gainer'.. those i heard of on tv where they are scarily morbid-obese, and want to gain more.. and there are actually people who would support (by sponsoring food, money, etc) and watch them online.

the idea is somehow similar tu daredevil stunt seekers, u know like those jumping-over-burning-busses-on-a-flimsy-motorbike-that-if-you-fall-you-could-die things. however... it is to me closer to providing a suicidal self-mutilating person with their favourite tool to hurt (and basically kill) him/herself. that is sick. oh and to watch that on the internet is just so very wrong

but i know what is not wrong to watch online. pretty nerdy but i find it very cool. behold..

8-bit StarCraft video -

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