Thursday, May 27, 2010

tentang The SinX Modeling Progress 1

hm.. is it 'modeling' or 'modelling'?

anyway, have been working on 3D-ing the sketch i did. really slow i think. but i'm not too familiar with this workflow yet. but i think i'm starting to get a hold of the whole low-poly + digital sculpting thing. pretty fun

ok.. here's the sketch again:

here's the lowpoly basic model, excluding the head. im not too happy with it tho.

note that im trying this workflow where i sculpt the body parts separately which you can see from the checker-board unwrapped model that's missing some limbs. i just figured i need better memory management and doing thing will allow me to make more detailed model, considering im working with a 1GB RAM, 2.00GHz Intel Core.

here's the where im at..

(image rendered in Max btw).
i have sculpted the torso and arms, rendered the normal maps and combined them back in Max. it is working pretty well. im really excited to continue sculpting and start texturing. but im taking my time doing this.. better do it properly and perfect it over time than just doing it for the sake of having a finished product.

i'll continue scuplting the other parts and get back to the torso again. will add more details and fix some stuff. here's some things i wish to add and edit later.

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