Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Europe Trip 2010 Part 1 - The Preparation

ok before i start, apologies for the late post. i kinda promised this last week but did not manage to make it. gomen~

oh how good it is to be back and to have broadband again~!

the beginning
the whole trip was planned because of a conference in Edinburgh. so because neither of us have ever been to europe before, and all the friends and families living there, we decided to spend a few weeks in the UK and France.

the plan
we wanted to go to a lot of places, but the reality is, we can't really afford it. and not enough time anyway. the initial plan was to have this reunion with wife's closest friends, now living in Netherlands and Germany, in Paris but unfortunately in the end everyone couldn't make it and so we planned to go visit their cities, but even that was tricky.

so in the end we did not visit Amsterdam, Rome, and this town in Germany that i could not remember the name. maybe next time, if we ever have the opportunity to go over to that side of the world again.

to prepare for all the places we were going to, we bought some books, these Lonely Planet's guidebooks to Edinburgh (Lonely Planet Edinburgh Encounter Travel Guide), London (Lonely Planet London Encounter Travel Guide) and Paris (Lonely Planet Paris Encounter Travel Guide). initially i didn't think we really need them (i guess that's just me being a guy) but it is not too expensive anyway (and my wife thinks those books could come in handy) so we bought them. turned out to be a good call because it helped a lot in our trip.. especially the Paris and French Fast Talk. small light books, makes you look like the tourist you are, but they help you out a lot especially when you have no idea where to start and in some cases, how to communicate. i don't mind looking like a tourist.

the trip
we went to Newcastle first, then headed north to Edinburgh for the conference and stayed a couple of days more for sightseeing. After that we went to Glasgow for a few days and flew to Paris. After a few days in Paris we went to Disneyland Paris and spent 2 days there. Took an early morning flight to London where we stayed for a few days before going back to Adelaide.

i enjoyed the trip so much that i wished we had more time to spend there. and that we did not come down with a flu during the trip and that we did not have bought so many books so early into the trip.

the thanks
i have to say, there are some blogs that my wife and i referred to when we were planning this trip. and to them i would like to express my gratitude and thanks. please visit their blogs for me :D. the blogs are the very famous redmummy.com whose very detailed travel report provided heaps of insights, kenwooi.com whose trip to UK was rather inspiring to me, my wife's friend sagittariuswifey.blogspot.com whose husband takes lovely pics, as well as to shilashower.blogspot.com and ladyverde.blogspot.com for posts about their trip to europe as well.

i'll do a more detailed post later about each place that we went to. this is sort of like the intro to everything. so if you're interested in reading about it, just drop by this blog again later in the week. or comment and ask me to stop slacking off and post the next part already. ^_^

in the mean time, here's some of the pics that i took during the trip.

my pics are a little gloomy aren't they?


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