Tuesday, August 31, 2010

tentang Merdeka Day

a real quick shout out..

Happy Merdeka Day to Malaysia
and all Malaysian!

i love blogwalking today. most malaysian blogs will celebrate the day and appreciate it and write stuff about it. it makes me, thousands of kilometres away from home, feel the celebration and feel proud being a malaysian. to all that made a post and wished a happy merdeka day to everyone else, you should be proud of yourself. it puts a smile on my face :)

its funny how living so far away teaches me how cool, and equipped, and practical malaysia is. sure there are imperfections, and bureaucracy that we all have to deal with.. but who in this world doesn't have to? believe me though.. our country is not as backwards as we think we are.

what i want to say is, happy merdeka day everyone. :D

oh.. of all the posts i read today, i love this the most. a bunch of old pics of our country at Haus of Kaka (via innit)

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