Thursday, September 30, 2010

tentang The Flintstones, Nintendo 3DS

no they have nothing to do with each other

today is the 50th anniversary of the classic cartoon the flintstones. thanks to google doodle for this neat info.

i used to love this show. when i was little, i used to think of all the cartoon shows on tv, hanna-barbera makes the best cartoons and the flintstones are the best. well i didn't know flintstones episodes that i was watching then were reruns but hey what do kids care right?

i cant believe the flintstones was a cartoon series from the 60s. wow.


and yesterday, nintendo finally announced the release date for their new portable, the 3DS. the portable console that was first introduced during this year's E3 last march. the release date is on 26/02/2011 in Japan, and some time in March for US and Europe. no idea when it will hit australia tho. the 3DS still have lots of similarities to the DS but the major difference is that it has a 3D display (like the stereoscopic 3D TV) but you don't need any kind of weird 3D glasses to view it. that is awesome.
nintendo also gave out the specs of the console and the final design which is impressive.. kinda. it has 2 cameras which can take 3D photos and 3D videos. and the graphics processor is said to be extremely powerful, though from the 1UP video below, a lot of the games looks great but not too huge of an improvement (see them here). maybe later games will use the full capabilities of the GPU. processing power however, is said to be more powerful than the Wii (source wikipedia). whoa

cool? i think it is. but dont think i'd buy it. anyhow.. really cant wait to try out the display units. hope JB hifi will have those when the 3DS comes out. who knows maybe then i'd have loads of extra cash and easily be persuaded into buying it. heh


meanwhile, rumours are spreading that some game developers have tried a new portable console by sony which is the PSP2.. and that development kits have been released to studios. no official announcements about the existence of the thing have been made so far.. so it is still just a massive rumour. (source here via

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