Sunday, September 19, 2010

tentang Plan for My Weekly 100penulis Posts

right now i am trying to think of what to post tomorrow on it will be my turn tomorrow (between 6am-12pm) to make a post. i used to have a lot of ideas when i first decided to join 100penulis. now the idea have become too much that i actually have not made a decision.

i hate that about myself.. not the indecision, but knowing that my best decisions are the ones made at the very last moment. making me a last minute person.

i was thinking of some review type thing but maybe not. it's better to post reviews (that i plan to write) in this blog so not to cause any confusions.

so i have decided to write stuff about photography. i know i am not a professional photographer, and not a hard core hobbyist either. but i believe i do know enough to share with others.. especially basic things that people didn't know they can do with their compact point and shoot (PS) camera. i know my experience in animation and design would be a lot of help.

so yeah it will be about having fun with cameras, and most importantly, not focusing on having DSLR. so that most people will be able to have fun with photography, and at a much lower entry cost!


while making the simple banner for the post, i got to thinking - to focus just on photography would be a little limited. and i do plan to stay at as long as i can. so i made a decision to make it a session where i share things that i know of, that i think would benefit bloggers.. most bloggers that is.

i will name the session 'kongsi knowledge'. kongsi is malay for 'share'. so it means 'share knowledge'.

i'll post simple things like how to make photos look cooler with macro function and tricks like light trail and stuff.. using compact camera! and if anyone would wanna ask a question or request a tip, (design related) maybe i'll make a post about it on my next turn


yeah i made my desicion

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