Tuesday, February 15, 2011

tentang Superbowl Ads 2011

so superbowl had passed and it was that time of year when great ads premiered in the same night. yeah for around USD 3 mil per slot, the ads better be good huh?

so i made this list last week but didnt do the writeup till today. dont know why i didnt publish it straight away. procrastination >_<. but anyway, these are the ads that i like the most. i have to admit i haven't watched all the superbowl ads but there so many that made my favs list anyway.

lots of other good and interesting ads that other people like but i prefer these. i was not too amused by the Doritos Pug ad which lots of people seem to love. and the Pepsi Can Thrower wasn't too amusing to me either. maybe i'm getting old

but anyway, enjoy these ads. more ads, just search youtube for superbowl 2011 ads or superbowl XLV ads or anything similar.

Doritos - House Sitting

Audi - Darth Vader

Doritos - Finger Licker

Pepsi Max - First Date

Audi - Release The Hounds

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