Friday, February 18, 2011

tentang Zbrush Practice

last month i did that Birdman tutorial for zbrush and since then i've been practising that method and (hopefully) get better. i made a bust of malaysian 'superhero' (he's not so super actually) keluangman. i think i have kinda improved.
just a fanart 

the one above is actually the 3rd try. i tried to model it 100% using the method in the birdman tutorial at first, but it didnt turn out ok. version 1 looked too realistic, too boring. too predictable. too batman. but above all, my sculpting skill was still too rough.

i made a mess around the eyes didn't i?

version 2 was a little better. but still did not have that comicbook look. proportion was all over the place. after  making this one, i decided to not follow the tutorial too much. the eyes, the nose and the mouth region to be precise. it didn't look too bad.. but i think it still is pretty bad. bottom line, i wasn't satisfied with it.
straight into the uncanny valley >_<

next is my fav! well still can improve but i am pretty happy with version 3. proportion wise is nice.. simplified the mouth,nose and eyes area. made it simpler and more cartoonish. i was so happy with it i decided to try texturing it in zbrush.. which i have no idea how to. hence the very rough and very flat texture. but it looks decent.. i think
this is the model i used to make the 'poster' earlier in this post

and here's a turntable video i uploaded in youtube. the colour looked washed and dull. but yeah i just wanna see it rotating.

i'm ready to move on to the next tutorial in the book i bought.

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