Sunday, March 20, 2011

tentang Next 3D Project - House In The Sky

a house in the sky
3d modeling project
by adi bahari (aka kusut)

ok this project is actually a part of a scene in that short animation (that i still hope i'll be able to make this year) but because my aim is to put it in my showreel, this house is decent enough (assuming i manage to model+texture+render+comp it the way i imagined) as a showreel material. so the rest of the scene, which consists of more ground, a bridge thing, a long wall and a gate; will be modeled when it is more appropriate to continue with the animation.

so here is the sketch of the house i drew in my notebook (hence the horizontal lines)
a very quick sketch

here's where im at. most of the modeling part is done. only the ground element is still in it's blocking stage. so i'm doing that today. try to make it look more 'rocky' and add details on it (grass, some vines hanging here and there, some roots).
with lighting work!

i enjoy working on this piece. it looks kinda like what i imagine. and the colour vibrant and fun. yeah i hope this one will look fun in the end.. somehow

hope i will finish this one early next week ^_^

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