Tuesday, March 1, 2011

tentang 3D Modeling Project - The Room

these are 3D models i made for my 'Room' scene.

nothing really special. definitely not anything epic. tapi i do plan it to look good.
i'm modeling a room at the moment. kalau sempat, i wanna use it in an animated short. or it'll just be a 3D scene for my latest showreel.

ima need that to look for a job. very soon.

but anyway, most of the things have been modeled. im in my 2nd week modeling the room. the stuff i modeled have been UVW unwrapped. not yet textured. there's more models i made. i'll post more tomorrow.

next ima need to model the curtains (and a mirror! i just remembered this one). some models need zbrushing work.. and then texture all models. then make the room. set up lighting. render and composite.. done!


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