Sunday, January 8, 2012

for Upin & Ipin fans!!

so.. i know lots of grown ups in malaysia are not into cartoons. if you are one of them, doesn't matter. just read on XD

what's this about? well theres this award coming up called the NEF-AWANI ICT Awards 2011 and UpinIpin is one of the finalists under Favourite E-Community category.

this year the organizers have made this poll voting system on facebook to choose the winner (that i think quite silly) and people are starting to vote. but not many people have voted though. that's what i think people dont know about the award.

so if u do have facebook, please do vote for your favourite (and if u like UpinIpin u know what to do lah ^^). it is free and it is not hard to do. a bit confusing yes but not too hard.

and spread the word ya. vote vote vote

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