Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!!!!!!!!

ok lol
I think I've been away for far too long lah.now tetibe je nak post something.

I do wonder la if anyone still reads this neglected (yet still loved) blog of mine :p

It is 2am now n I'm still up godek2ing my new (infact, my very first) smartphone. Yays!!ni tgh try blogging from here. Yes.. I do feel mcm noob kan,nak buat everything on this thing tapi im excited so layan je la mende ni. I think my typing skill is improving doing this. So ok la tu kan?

I really should be sleeping now -_-

So anyway,

I hope to be writing more again this year
nak strip down this blog and redo the whole layout
and nak make this place as my little gallery of 3d works

That's just part of my new year's azam. nanti I'll cerita more yeh. feels good to be writing again

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