Friday, January 4, 2013


nanti la cite pasal azam baru ni.penat la pulak. but I am gonna post something la to get yhis blogging momentum going again

2012 I've picked up a new hobby. aquascaping!

it's just a fancy word for having an aquarium at home.. But the focus isn't on the fishes but on plants. So with low budget I set up a nano shrimp tank.

it was not a success :(

but the plants grew tho. it was just ok in the beginning.but I slowly improved the equipments and finally after buying a second lamp for the setup, I finally get to see the glosso (the plant's called glossostigma) 'breathe'. there's lots of preparing effect going on


Im very happy and extremely excited with the tank now.been taking lots of pics (with this brand new phone :P)

Btw...test upload pics n video in this post from my mobile.tak menjadik la

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