Tuesday, February 3, 2009

majlis perasmian seketul blog

so.. uhm..

dan seperti biase.. aku tak reti nak start menulis. maybe im not good at this blogging (writing anything pun) thing. tapi sebab lama aku tak menulis anything anywhere.. maka aku ade rase thing urge to write. to be honest.. this 'urge' dah lama dah pun. tapi since takde real reason for me to start a blog so aku tak buat lah.

tapi malam ni.. aneh
mengantuk tapi takleh tido
so i went online.. blog hopping
and figured..

yeah prolly its good that i start this thing. one way to keep my mind focused on something. to tell the truth, im working on a new portfolio reel since december 2008. tapi sebab kene reject.. so i have been working on it for a month now. and quite frnkly i have gotten kinda sick of working on it. so this blog could be that something i can turn to when i get sick of working

so hey.. say something if u read this mkay.

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