Sunday, February 8, 2009

sebuah tag di fesbuk - 25 random stuff

satu hari aku bukak fesbuk and aku telah kena tag by a friend and berdasarkan rules nye (yang kalau aku tak ikut bukan aku kene saman ke ape pun) aku kene listkan 25 perkara (rawak?) tentang diri sendiri. hmm.. sounds fun. so here goes.

(ini adelah repost dari Notes kat fesbuk aku. in english sebab kawan2 kat fesbuk aku ade yg bukan dari malaysia dan tak paham bahasa melayu ye)

1. i think this list's title sounds like a chick flick.. and makes me look a little gay for doing it

2. ..but i'm not

3. i don't think i can think of 25 random stuff. that's why the first 3 is really could just be one

4. i like to cheat when i do stuff like this. 'couse nobody really cares :D

5. ok.. i think i always overthink stuff

6. when i type.. i dont really use proper spelling and caps. unless for a title.. name.. or just to annoy people

7. tHosE pEoPLe Who tyPeS liKe ThIs.. please stop. i dont find it cute.. i find it retarded (i hope thats the last time i ever have to type like that again)

8. im addicted to the internet. i think i need to live in places that have internet. probably for me if i live in a place with internet my life expectancy increases 3 years :D

9. dont have broadband at home T_T im stuck with dialup

10. just made a new blog last week. ( ) i'll try to post stuff regularly this time. my last attempt at blogging is pathetic

11. kusut (messy) is what my friends in uni call me. dont really mind it really

12. have a pet fish! a blue betta fish. sometimes i wish pet fishes have the ability to clean up their small fish tanks themselves

13. love cats! they're awesome

14. and coffee. they're awesome too. i'd have coffee for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper if i could

15. tv dramas - Dexter.. Chuck.. CSI (vegas).. How I Met Your Mother.. Grey's Anatomy(ehehe)

16. last movie i saw at the cinema is Twilight. it was at Moonlight Cinema in Adelaide Botanic Garden, an open air cinema during summer. Twilight was on for just one night and it was on friday night so the wife and her friends decided to go. i think only 10% of the people there that night are guys

17. cartoons! love em. im 26 and if theres cartoon on tv and news on another channel.. i'd watch the toons. unless i have guests or i cant change the channel because its not my tv

18. animes.. only watches original language with english subs. hates redubs.. and hates it even more if they go and change the name

19. ninjas kicks pirates' ass

20. dislikes summer.. the heat.. the sun >_<

21. plays video/computer/portable games A LOT! probably another addiction. i like to think of it as a way of life

22. fav game of all time.. minesweeper.. seriously. i can play that game all day. diablo2, cs and ragnarok is probably top favs

23. when i travel i must have my psp with me. i do all sorts of stuff on that thing. gaming.. music.. read manga.. surf the net.. watch videos

24. food - i like cheese. anything with cheese is awesome

25. hah 25! i thought this list would take me longer

dan.. setelah membaca (menyemak adelah perkataan yg lebih tepat) dia menambah la perkara2 yang dia rase adelah betul pasal aku..

26. colour blind. (bukan colour blind sebenarnye.. contoh: kaler hijau kekuningan.. stengah orang kata tu hijau.. stengah orang kate tu kuning. kadang2 aku nampak hijau dia lebih so aku cakap la kaler tu hijau n kadang2 aku nampak kuning dia lebih so aku kata kuning)
27. ayam goreng, apple - lauk favourite.
28. sebut milo as MELO, mcm org tua! (mulenye aku saje2 suke pronounce camtu sebab teringatkan arwah nenek aku. tapi aku ter-selalu sangat sebut camtu sampai nampak cam natural lak)

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