Monday, May 11, 2009

tentang Kangaroo Island trip

i decided to spend some time today to post those KI trip pictures. so from 400++ pics i chose the accteptable pics which was around 150pics. still too many to upload. again i had to choose the better ones and that left me with some 60+ pics. i did that again and again till finally i ended up with this 20+ pics.

we spent 4 days on Kangaroo Island. we originally planned to go there on thursday but the weather was pretty bad so we had to cancel. the next day was better so we go on with the plan and finally arrived at Rachel's at night. went straight to bed.. some of us were pretty seasick from the rough ferry ride (including me).

the next day we drove around to some of the interesting places around KI. well.. the island is pretty big. maybe about 3 (maybe more) hours drive across. so it is a good idea to really plan the trip. so that day we sort of drive around the northern part of the island.

that night we went fishing.. unsuccessfully. it was raining and the current was making things hard and it was freezing cold. yes freezing. maybe below 10degrees. and raining. and windy. >_< we spent like 30 mins but decided it's probably not a good idea. then we sat around a campfire (oh warmth!) and had our little barbeque. that was heaps fun.

day three we went to a sheep farm (cheese!), this eucalyptus oil place, a honey farm and at night we went to Kingscote for dinner and took the penguin tour. imagine walking on this trail at the seashore at night with a red spotlight (because red lights doesnt hurt the penguins' eyes) and wild penguins were everywhere beside the trail.

day four, final day, we drove across the island in the morning to Flinders Chase National Park. it's this big national park with cool places like Remarkable Rock and Admiral's Arch but parts of the national park is still closed to public because of the bushfire last year.

around 3pm we went back to the other side of the island straight to Penneshaw. got on the ferry back to Cape Jarvis and drove straight home.

more pics on fesbuk

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