Wednesday, May 20, 2009

tentang 'noob' as 1millionth word in the English dictionary

first time i heard abt this was on Good Game's Gamer News (ABC tv) but i wasn't really paying attention to it so i forgot everything bout it. suddenly tonite i stumbled upon the news once more somewhere on the net.

The English language will celebrate its one millionth word next month, with "defriend", "noob" and "chiconomics" among the candidates, linguistic experts have predicted.

the chosen word will only be announced till June 10th so as for now.. it is NOT yet an official word.

always doubting news read from a mere blog.. i did a quick search hoping that i could find a real source.. somewhere more trustworthy. but after 3 pages of google search, most of the hits come from blogs. with exception of website under their culture tab.

read the whole article there ya

would be pretty cool if i can actually use the word NOOB in scrabble XDXDXD

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  1. noob is a new word?
    but its so widely used these days.. lol =D


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