Tuesday, May 5, 2009

tentang Upcoming demoreel update

astaga.. uploading a 50mb vid when u're already half asleep and tired of waiting really is not a good idea. i probably should just cancel the upload.. go to bed and upload the vid tomorrow. instead.. i choose to type this. and if i managed to finish typing before the upload completes, then you'll see my new updated demoreel underneath. if it's not there, well.. wait for it tomorrow

the new demoreel is still a modeling reel. did not add any animation in it. and no.. not model as in person+catwalk+fashion stuff. unless u wanna see messy geek with bad taste walk up and down the catwalk, which i dont think u would, i declare that i am no model.

i model stuff in 3D. characters mostly.

so in the update i put in The Metalisk model turnaround. it is my Dominance War IV entry i made (which is actually still unfinished) (.. and reminds me that i have 7 days left till deadline!!!! @_@). and i'm planning to send in the demoreel dvd to a company here. i hope i could get a job there >_<. doing anything really

there.. 'cancel upload' button pressed. will update in teh morning.. or whatever time i wake up and manage to get myself reoriented


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