Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP MJ 1958-2009

the first thing i read online today was of the death of michael jackkson. shocking! it is so sudden

He went into cardiac arrest at his Holmby Hills home in L.A. Thursday (a 911 call was placed shortly before 12:30 p.m. PT), according to TMZ, which first reported the news. Paramedics were unable to revive the singer (who had no pulse upon their arrival),..


well i guess it's true huh

come to think of it.. he haven't been looking well these past few years. i always thought he looked rather frail but then again im not a big fan and i dont really keep track of what he does. all the things i see comes from the news on tv that i dont watch all that much anyway

but regardless of all the controversial cosmetic surgeries, court cases, and his bizarre behaviour (especially with his baby); he will always be the king of pop. and for what his art and his songs did (and still do) to us in his glory days, thank you and good bye michael jackson. the pop world couldnt have had a greater king

edit :- he changed his name to Mikaeel when he converted to Islam. read more..


  1. Rest in peace Michael Jackson

  2. oh i just read of some extra stuff..

    in 2008 michael jackson has converted to Islam. so he is a muslim... al-fatihah


  3. It must be difficult to grow up with millions of eyes on you. he had no one for him in his last years to help him with directions. And he was only a human being like any of us.
    Rest in peace Michael.
    We will always miss you...


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