Monday, June 22, 2009

the Stig revealed

oh i am surprised. apparently yesterday.. the mysterious test driver from Top Gear took off his helmet and reveals his identity on the show. i dont wanna spoil it to those who doesn't know.. so i'll post the utube link in the comments. so watch it if u're curious

but the thing is.. i read bout all this in and we who dont have satelite tv or cable won't be able to watch the episode until maybe 6 months time. so thanks adelaidenow for spoiling the surprise for me >_<. it's not nice to put such a big spoiler as a headline.



    if u do a quick search on utube u could find the whole interview :D

  2. lol. i think there was quite a number of rumours already. but i think it was ben collins right? lazy to check the interview xD

  3. was

    now the new stig is a much bigger surprise


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