Tuesday, June 23, 2009

tentang Alice in Wonderland (2010)

it is the next Tim Burton - Johnny Depp teamup and i think it is looking pretty cool. well.. yes i do think tim burton might wanna try and pick someone else to star in his film but on the other hand.. johnny depp seems to be the perfect actor for the role... again.

alice in wonderland+timburton+johnny depp...

well that is an interesting combo. i remember NOT liking that story when i was a kid because i think it is just way too creepy. the disney's version gave me nightmare and that purple stripey cat thing didnt help one bit. but i watched the movie again recently and i realized how twisted and brilliant it was.

so now i found myself looking forward for the movie. although i cant help to feel a little unconvinced and thinking that maybe, like the previous tim burton + johnny depp movies, it only ended up an 'almost a great movie' to me. yes they are fun, they are interesting. i'd watch it again.. but its not the best movie

i like the fact that they are not making the original Alice in Wonderland. in this movie Alice is 17.. and she didnt remember ever going to Wonderland 10 years ago.

so.. the story is not the same but rather similar to the original.



  1. Its about time =D Depp/Burton make a great team. Love that their movies has a trademark style to it. Will be looking forward to this one! CHeers =D

  2. i agree. the alice in wonderland books kinda freaked me out... but the movie sounds cool and hopefully i don't feel as creeped out as my 6 year old self was.

  3. hmm.. then again.. if the movie does creep me out.. it could be a good thing.

    like watching pan's labyrinth which is an omg-that-was-creepy-but-cool kinda movie

  4. Wait, so Anne Hathaway is Alice? Oh wow, this movie is going to rock so hard. :D

  5. i didnt realize it was her. but not as Alice. would be awesome if she was though.

    she's The White Queen in the movie



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