Monday, January 11, 2010

tentang Absence

woah i have been really distracted and perhaps have started to neglect my blog a little bit. forgive me for i am only human. :D

yeah i still have minor computer problems still. overheating laptops. i have always been a desktop user and dealing with laptop problems are rather foreign to me. so dusty and clogged laptop fans is extremely frustrating to me because i think it is a very very very simple problem and i am sure is easy to fix (clean up the fan la!) but trying to figure out how to get the fan out of the laptop is quite challenging. especially without the proper (and quality) tools. blergh!

and books have been an addiction even worse than gaming to me. at least when i was a game addict (no i dont go to gaming rehab to be cured) i keep on thinking what to do and there are lots of movements and i interact with people (online and in RL) all the time. no fun playing a MMO alone rite? but when reading.. i would try to isolate myself from the world and sit there reading for hours

reading is starting to sound a lot more unhealthy to me. well anything can be unhealthy if we dont learn moderation. but good books are so hard to put down. curse you good writers!!! but thanks for the great read.

so i've decided to finish up this last book and be done with reading for now. it'll take a while because i am a slow reader. i like to savour every single word i read and reread every paragraph that i like. i dont skim and i dont read the last chapter first. i even read the foreword. i am horribble eh?

but yeah.. as soon as i finish this dan brown book i'll be back and im thinking of making an animated short. what that is? i'll explain in my next post. within this week. its a promise.


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