Friday, January 22, 2010

tentang Over-Creative, Trying-Too-Hard-to-Sound-Cute, and SMS Language

after reading dylan-zd's post and the discussion at, i decided to post this. it is my opinion about Using Proper English in blogging.

i am pro-english hence i blog in english. but if people write comments in malay i am happy to reply in malay or english. this post isn't just about english language but any language that i can understand (only malay and english :P).

having time to think of the issue a lot more (thank you procrastination), i realize it is not the weak mastery in english that annoys me. it is in fact the over-creative, trying-too-hard-to-sound-cute, and sms language, all in blogging, that really annoys me.. whatever language one uses to blogging.

a simple example would be like the title of this post. it is what i would say overly creative. i was sleep deprived when i began writing so, gomen~! i admit i do this often but so far nobody said anything about it, so.. it has became a habit of mine. but i reckon it's harmless :P. annoying if overused, but pretty harmless :P

i loathe blogs that spells by randomizing capital letters for each single alphabet (tHis cAPiTal leTTEr tHinG).. to those still using this, newsflash, it is NOT cute. it is juvenile, and unforgivable.. unless you are under the age of 14 (12 if you're a male).

sms language
worst offender. L2SPELL N00B!!! (<--thats learn to spell in l33t talk). i can understand using shortforms if texting because of the obvious limitations of mobile phones. but in blogs? yes, some people blog from their mobile.. but only a freakin minority! i find most of the blogs that does this are malay-language blogs. hey i speak malay probably 90% of the time, but i still have a hard time deciphering those messages and comments or even blogs written in that fashion.
my point is, communication is a very important part in blogging and if one cannot effectively communicate, i have to say, your blog makes
no sense at all. if people other than yourself cant understand what you're writing, why bother blogging?

some people say it is to improve their english. fair enough. a bid you good luck and i do hope you will learn from this practice of blogging and apply it. identify your mistake in spelling,grammar,etc and improve.

owh i need to stop making this wall of texts or people might stop visiting my blog >_<


  1. i will never stop reading yours :D

    klu ju, plg tak boleh tahan bila ada yg tulis shortform ak = aku (rasanyalh)
    hadoiii..pening kepala gue

  2. Hi, dropping by here first time from IMCurtain!

    I agree with you. I am annoyed by bloggers who mix capital letters with non capital letters!

    And sms language in blogs are bad! But I think I can tolerate simple ones like OMG, FML, FTW etc

    And I don't really like reading long posts with lots of words (with no paragraphs!!) and no pictures!

    Though I'm sometimes guilty of writing really long posts! Haha : )

  3. @Bitter Sweet - aku jadik ak and jadik aq. tu paling takleh terima. give me one malay word, like original malay word, that starts with the letter Q.

    @foongpc - IMO.. acronyms like OMG and those kinds are acceptable. i use them too. it's like an internet slang. but when they shortform everything like it's so hard to type using keyboard.

    let me illustrate with this sms i received years ago.

    "im @ x sq."
    which means..
    "I'm at Times Square"

    like, OMFG. took me hours to decipher that code and even when i think i got it i still was not 100% sure.

  4. aduyai, how do u expect peeps can understand x sq tu :D

    nsb kusut letak maksud, klu tak, sampai ke sudah aku tak faham..hohohoh

    betul betul, aku = aq

    pening dibuatnya!

  5. what i hate the most is the shortforms, yes and mostly are malays! freaking lazy!

    they should know that people always google in full length words (suka² je buat ayat ni XD).. mana ada orang google 'rspi ikn siakp msk 3 rs' lol

    hm kecuali diorang tak peduli semua tu la kan..

  6. ROFL! maybe diorang search guna shortform kot? ..and never find what they're looking for lol.

    blogging in short form is only acceptable when not all word is in short form

  7. percaya tak,kebanyakan yang pakai shortform dalam blog semuanya budak2 IPTA..
    sedih kan? memang sedih...
    nak baca pun tak paham..haishhh

  8. hm.. now that you mentioned it, agak banyak jugak la. bukan semua :D

    maybe it's all about target audience. if their blog cater for people like them then i guess it's ok.. kot

  9. simple english will do, it doesnt have to be super hebat english.. haha.. as long as they are understandable =)

  10. agreed. keep it simple.

    kenwooi.. enjoying your holiday? omg im so envious of u la. all holiday pics only on ur blog

  11. i dont care about my broken english. As long as people can understand what i'm writing about..then it's ok for me. anyway,blogging is not MUET exam.haha.

  12. what about this? --->

  13. haha got that right.. blogging is NOT some exam. as long as people can understand


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