Wednesday, February 17, 2010

tentang The Old Playlist

in my box of treasures (little box where i keep personal stuff of value) there is this hard drive remnants of my pc i used when i was in uni. it is like a backup HDD and every now and then i would plug it in and see what's in there.

and i found my old mp3 collection. the song i used to listen to.. i would say around 2000-2007 era maybe.

it is interesting reflecting and looking back and at the kind of person i was then through my playlist. funny when i find those what-kind-of-person-you-are-based-on-your-playlist memes are rediculous, but the moment i realized and listened to the songs again, i now get what those memes mean.

what's in my playlist back then?
about 20 J-Drama and anime OST, Indonesian rock band s full albums, Malaysian rock bands (Indie and Mainstream) and a lot of English rock & alternative songs. Third Eye Blind, Aerosmith, Alter Bridge, Ash, Avril Lavigne (:P), Butterfingers, Disagree, Evanescence, Foo Fighters, Gn'R, Linkin Park, Incubus, The Offsprings, Greenday, RHCP!!! theres more but meh.. not too excited about them :D

my playlist makes me sound like i have a lot of anger in me when i was younger eh? would everyone still remember what bands they listened to 5 years ago?


  1. yeps they're on my playlist too back then. radio songs as i called them.

    but i dun really follow the latest mainstream lately, they aren't as cool as before imho

  2. lolz radio songs. yeah.. radio and MTV :P

    if we get a little less hiphop and a bit more alternative on radio it would certainly be cool eh?

  3. Korean and hindi songs.. Sepertinya aku mendambakan cinta sejati seperti wayang-wayang hindustan dan korea..haha..eyh, ayat ni pun! ayat hindustan.. :P

  4. ahaha hindi songs is probably have never been on my playlist :P


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