Thursday, February 25, 2010

tentang The Bigger Nintendo DSi

the new DSi, a way bigger model, with larger screen and more mature look, will be available in australia starting April 15th 2010.

however, the bigger screen does not mean better resolution. it will still be the same res with the small DSi. which means the display will look a little pixelated. which is not cool.

the DSI XL (or LL in Japan) is actually bigger than the PSP Slim&Lite. but the screen is not. DSi XL has a 4.2" screen compared to PSP's 4.3". not too much difference huh?

here's a rough console size comparison i made -

roughly, the DSi XL is taller but a little shorter in width. it is definately thicker. but hey this is just a rough comparison. i dont even have the two consoles with me to compare. sometimes things could be small but feels bulky and vice versa

so yeah.. sony's PSP evolves to become smaller and more compact.. but the DSi is getting bigger. i think i still like the PSP better. not that the DSi isn't cool, but yeah.. PSP is just better.. to me at least


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