Wednesday, February 10, 2010

tentang New Facebook Look

i am sure many would have realized how different facebook looks by now. not all changes are for the better but think this is one of the good ones.

facebook now have a brand new layout. doesn't look that much different but certainly looks cleaner and more organized. not as lightweight as the facebook lite but not as cluttered as the previous version. all the menu at every corner of the page (all top, bottom, left and right) have been something i didnt like in the previous version. now there is one menu less and i welcome that change.. little as it may be.

what changed? generally they created a better dashboard and put applications and notifications there. and they added sort of a counter function to it. pretty neat.

read details about the update at the facebook Developers Blog


  1. yup..ju pun suke yg new layout ni..lebih organize awal2 ni, menggagau jugak aku nak carik mana profile link :D padahal sebelah kanan lol

  2. I am indifferent to the layout changes, as there have been quite a number since facebook came out and I was one of the early ones who joined FB back in the days.

  3. I thing both the layout are almost the same. :D

  4. @ijau - beza tak banyak pun kan?

    @Bitter Sweet - tu la.. logout button pun tercarik2

    @Ihsan Khairir - yeah this isnt much of a revamp.. more of an update. facebook have come a long way since they first started eh? i miss those text based too but hey we shouldnt live in the past right?

    @Tekkaus - similar.. but different :P. facebook have a strong and neat concept so not changing the concept (like sounds like a good idea to me


  5. looks the same to me, just some minor re-positioning =)

  6. lol maybe i'm a bit too judgemental :P

  7. agree. nothing much different but i like the new one ;)


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