Tuesday, June 1, 2010

tentang June and Winter

it is june! which means 2010 is almost half way huh? i'm having the feeling that time, somehow, managed to go by very quickly this year. sigh

anyhow, the beginning of june is also mark the starting of winter here in the southern hemisphere. i love cold weather, but..

without proper heating, winter is almost painful. the first 2 years living in Roseworthy, we had proper (although not so well positioned) heating/cooling system in that house. but this year we've moved to a smaller house, closer to town. cheaper but it did not have proper heating. and when it gets cold, it is almost painful

yeah.. it only gets down to 6-10 °C but it is still cold.

winter here in adelaide is cold and wet. this year there have been more rain that past 2 years i think. and the sky is always cloudy reminding me of that town of Cork in that vampire movie. i wonder if vamps would come out and roam the roads of gawler during winter. they're probably a lot less scary than drunken hobos that talk to themselves (although sometimes they look like they are in packs) and shout at everything. and all that is during the day

yeah im just ranting.. :D. will continue on my 3D after lunch!
and oh BTW i managed to gain 2kg since beginning that home-fitness-video-game-thing called Wii ^_^

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