Wednesday, November 10, 2010

tentang CG Competetion Phantasy Core

got this in the inbox today. just thought i'd share it with everyone. everyone is still invited to join the comp!!

Just to remind you that Phantasy Core: The Massive CG Challenge wants your powers!

If you want to be the top artist and take the hot cash. You must to start to post your Work In Progress on CGfrenz right now!

WIP Deadline: 15 Nov 2010
Submission Deadline: 15 Dec 2010
Award Ceremony: Jan 2011

Get a high quality showcase of Phantasy Core for FREE!

Visit for more information. If you don't know where to get y our answer? Ask for help!

The CGFrenz Team.

*WIP Deadline means you must start posting Work-In-Progress images before 15th of November at the forum

**submission deadline means u must send in ur required finals before 15th of December.

GLHF! ^^

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