Monday, November 1, 2010

tentang Our Growing Library

ok maybe not exactly a library. it's a bookshelf. one bookshelf rather. but it is growing rather rapidly this year. i am torn between buying more books (while they're cheaper here than in malaysia) and worrying abt all the packing when we move back home or not buying books and maybe not have a good reading habit when we go back. so... @_@

but anyway this is how it started and the most recent. watch how it has grown in these few years!

2008.. some time after moving to adelaide

2009.. more books! +mags, +albums

2009.. end of the year. moved out to a new place. new wider and slightly bigger shelf

2010.. too many books for one shelf to handle :P

2010.. our raya furniture! bought a 'billy bookcase' to fit all our books.

at present, we still have one book shelf, and additional 20 (ish) more new books :P
btw.. the books are not all mine. most of it are my wife's but they're all shared anyway.

and yes.. i have not read all of them

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