Monday, November 22, 2010

tentang Fly Me To The Moon (REVISITED)

hey i posted a vid of this guy before haven't i? andrew lawson sang 'fly me to the moon' (in other words) in his xfactor australia audition. he sang brilliantly and i loved his style and singing voice. click here if u wanna watch his audition vid.

so this andrew guy managed to go all the way to the grand final of xfactor australia. pretty cool. there were 3 finalists and each had to sing 4 songs and one of the songs last night was their audition song. so he sang 'fly me to the moon' again, this time with music and a very distracting group of female dancers. i kinda think the dancers we're a little too much. a lot simpler performance (with a lot more brilliance) would have made the song a lot better

but his was not too bad. still pretty fun.. and still adore that song.

so the results will be announced tonight. i did not text my vote because no use my voting if i'm gonna send all 3 finalists a vote lol

but anyhow, good luck to them

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