Monday, December 6, 2010

tentang Blogging in Low Priority Mode


i am so not liking this. it seems, i have slightly slipped back to my gaming habits. not online ones (thank god) but on my recently purchased, 2nd hand, fat 500GB PS3. only have 2 games at the moment and have not even installed the 2nd game. still on the 1st game, a very good game and something nostalgic to me

this week i realized it's december, which means..
1 - my time here is getting shorter. need to prep for job hunting when we move back to KL
2 - Phantasy Core digital art comp deadline is around 2 weeks' time. need to finish modeling pronto and start texturing!
3 - 2010 is about to end
4 - hm.. nothing else

but i need to regroup. finish those 3d stuff
so with a very heavy heart, i think i have to put blogging in the low priority list until furthur notice. no i am not shutting down the blog (that's outrageous!). i just might not be able to blog-walk too much. and the posts will probably be more of the progress of my 3D stuff.

and i will need a lot of crits and comments on those.

so i will see u guys around. but ima be a little bit of a hermit for a bit.


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