Sunday, December 19, 2010

tentang Robbed by a Bookstore

i couldn't seem to fall asleep so i thought i'd write some short post for this weekend. ranting. like last week. lol.

the other day Borders (bookstore) did this promotion, sign up for Borders VIP card (for free) and get $20 to spend in store.. on anything. heyy who doesn't want a free $20. and last thursday we found out, VIP members will get a 40% off fiction and cookbooks this week. so today, we went to borders to get some books. my wife signed up for it as well :P.

she bought 2 Patricia Cornwell's to complete her collection. they were $21.99 each. so after that discount they should be around 26.40 but the cashier somehow pressed the wrong discount button and gave only 35% off. so minus the $20 we got from the VIP card thing, she should've only paid $6.40 but she had to pay like $2 more. haiz..

but as for me, i got myself a nice penguin book The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ($9.95) and another Neil Gaiman book, Smoke and Mirrors ($25.50). and -40% = $21.30 and then minus the $20.. i only had to pay $1.30. pretty cool eh? andddd... both books are compilation of short stories. so now i have heaps of short stories to read and kinda relax my reading habit for a little bit. been reading thick-ish novels (not to mention some have those smaller prints) for some time now. so i'll probably welcome the break

anyhow, we when we realized there's been a little (tiny rather) bit mistake abt the discount, we went back into Borders and told the cashier (tho one who's not busy) abt it and asked if he can do anything about it. he kinda thought about it for a bit and said he can help but it'll take some time.. besides it's only $2.

hmm.. i would like to get back my money.. i dont like to be robbed. especially by a big corporation. is it too hard to confirm the thing, open the register and give us a freakin gold coin (our gold coin)? pfft. but anyway hey if it's too hard for a big company to return a customer's $2 then i won't bother you. i'll try to get more discounts off you and spend less real cash next time.

uh.. i honestly wanted to write a short post but i guess i went overboard :P
ima go sleep now. 

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