Thursday, December 2, 2010

tentang Ambient Occlusion

okay.. what 'ambient occlusion' or AO is is a render for 3D image/video composite. it is like shadows render but a little different. if normal shadow will depend on the direction of the light source(s), AO's shadows will depend on distance of one object to another.

haha.. some people will go wtf. it's some 3D art tech stuff. people in 3D will normally use AO in their 3D work (unless they're skipping the step to save rendering time), but when i was a fresh grad, i have no idea what AO is.

but when i first used AO i was still a maya user. max was to me that other 3D package that i thought inferior lol. but now i have converted (tho not fully).. one of the things i did not manage to make as good would be this.. the ambient occlusion. maybe.. i did not read the right tutorial to make it.

last week i finally found a proper one. and just so that i wouldn't have a hard time looking for it in the future.. and that others (who are interested in these stuff) can share it. i decided to make a post and link the tutorial here.

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