Monday, January 24, 2011

tentang Anti Cheaters

this issue has been kinda big a deal lately in the malaysian bloggers circle. a lot of titles or names or titles coined by the many bloggers. if it was up to me i'd name it the


but it's not up to me so everyone may call whatever thay wanna call it :P

what is it? some bloggers have not been sincere or honest about their blogwalking activities. blogwalking or blog-hopping is when a person hops from one blog to the other and just saying a simple 'hello' in a blog's shoutbox and not trying to sound like and ass.

but as time passes, more people joined in the world of blogging and, hoping to direct traffic to their own blog, the blogwalking (or hopping.. whichever method of travel you prefer) culture have been manipulated and tarnished by people driven by their desire for 'quick cash'. they did not really visit your blog but only uses the shoutbox as their own advertising space.

some call them fraudsters, some call them cheaters. bottom line, they are assholes. or a n00b. their choice.

hence, starting today, i have removed the shoutbox in this blog. if anyone wants to say hello they'll have to do an off-topic comment in my entries. and being off-topic, it has a high possibility to be deleted by the owner of this blog (that would be me).

and finally, i would like to stress here that the shoutbox is not at fault. it is made a tool by assholes to send dishonest 'friendly' shououts. dont blame the shoutbox. it has served me well

read 'Kempen Atasi Blogwalking Tipu' at

read 'Badge ANTI FRAUD BLOGWALKING for Free' at wansteddy tales

(tq Wansteddy for the banner)

happy blogging ^^

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