Tuesday, January 18, 2011

tentang The Depressing Form

uh.. filling up forms and paperworks for that PTPTN Ujrah thing has left me feeling down and somewhat depressed.

i went to an IPTS for my bachelor's degree. spend a great (with extension) 7 years doing my film & animation degree (which i spent most of my time gaming) and in the end, other than proudly holding that degree in my hand, i also have a huge hutang to pay. sigh

the amount that i got was massive (yeah.. private college costs a lot) so i have to pay that back. + the service charges per year of the loan not being settled. they changed the agreement now where i agree to pay the loan back in 16.5 years and i agree that the total amount of 'service charge' as stated in the agreement. this means, if i somehow became a billionaire overnight and can afford to pay off the loan tomorrow, i'll still have to pay the total mount of service charge agreed in the new agreement. sighhhhhhh

but anyway.. if i look at the service charges per year, it's a lot but not a ridiculous amount of money. so i think there's no use cursing and saying things about them and just have to accept that i made that loan and now i have to pay them back.. in 16.5 years X(


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