Wednesday, January 5, 2011

tentang Eleven

so this is just a post to welcome the new year and wish everyone a very happy new year. yeah i know.. it's belated. better late than never.

blogging wise, i think it's not really the best start for the new year. but it is a start. i do think however, i might still be focusing on my digital art side of my world at the moment. which means, in this blog, there will not be much of those 'interesting daily discoveries' (not that there's much interesting stuff happening daily) or tutorials. i'll be posting rants (maybe venting out frustration) and stuff about the digital art im making. simple ones.. none too flash

but i do still welcome questions if anyone has any. formspring is still on the sidebar

and i am still with maybe i seem a little distracted with other things, but rest assured that my loyalty sets with 100penulis and i am almost always around. i am also a mod for CGFrenz forum now. in fact, at the moment we are organizing a simple animation mini-challenge. just for fun thing.

so yeah.. i'll be online. reading various forums. blog-walking occasionally. but i think in 2011 i'll be more of an owner of a blog then a proper blogger. whichever way it'll be, i will still be here :D

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