Wednesday, March 3, 2010

tentang The Karate Kid (2010) Trailer

i bet most people have seen the old The Karate Kid movies in the 80s. it was a pretty good movie. wax on.. wax off. lolz

now they're making a remake. Jackie Chan will be Mr. Miyagi (the old japanese karate sensei) equivalent. and Jaden Smith will be the karate kid. who is Jaden Christopher Syre Smith? he is Will Smith's son (btw, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are among the producers of the film).

okay.. my first impression would be a huge WTF but then i thought hey lets see what else is different. different is not always bad

after watching the trailer, i think it does seem like a fun movie to watch. not like Legend of Chun Li or Dragonball Evolution. (note, by Dragonball i mean the effect that the trailer had on me. trailer looked like it is such a bad movie that i never bothered to watch it. and i never did). not my first choice of movie to watch but certainly a first choice among 'light and fun' movies.

The Karate Kid (2010)

Trailer 1 -

Trailer 2 -

now wait a minute.. The Karate Kid is NOT learning karate but kung-fu instead? then why is the title say Karate kid??? if i go to the movies to watch a movie with the made up title 'The Tasty Karipap' i would expect the movie to be about tasty karipap right? if the movie turns out to be about some tasty popiah, isn't that just wrong and misrepresented?

Chan has told interviewers that film cast members have been referring to the movie as The Kung Fu Kid, and he believes the film will only be called Karate Kid in America, and Kung Fu Kid in Asia.
- wikipedia

so the title The Karate Kid only serves the purpose of continuing the Karate Kid franchise, not to describe the movie. well maybe they could make the title longer. say, 'The Karate Kid: Something Something Kung-Fu Something'. however, doesn't say that the alternate title The Kung-Fu Kid is official but rather as a working title.

anyway release date would be in June 2010.
10/06/2010 - Malaysia
11/06/2010 - USA
08/07/2010 - Australia (July? tsk.. tsk.. tsk..)
more release dates here.
and visit the official website for more information.


  1. hopefully this will be a great movie!
    nanged u. nang to find out why i luv to eat SHIT!

  2. thanks.. nice language btw. >_>


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