Wednesday, June 16, 2010

tentang Things You Can Do At The Cinema

well.. other than watching movies that is.

i got free tix for the movie The A-Team last week. pretty exciting since i rarely ever get anything for free. wonder if it is the luck of June, the month i turn a year older. anyway, the tickets say "Valid at participating South Australia Cinemas only". so yeah i went online and checked out which cinema and what time and when we'll be using those tix. we decided to go next weekend ^_^


but when i was checking out the website for Hoyts Cinema, i came across this.

that's Live World Cup matches in the cinema.. on the massive cinema screen, in 3D!!! whoa i'm not a huge fan of football (or any other sports anymore), but i would absolutely go at least once. why not? and say if the tickets for the group matches and for final match costs the same.. why not go and watch live football in 3D at the cinemas? once in every 4 years experience.. even at 4am in the morning i'd go if it doesn't cost a fortune. it would be insanely cool

unfortunately not all Hoyts Cinemas have this live world cup matches. and none in adelaide. but i guess even if they have it here it is unlikely that i'd go. none of the people i know here is a 'kaki bola'. so, no point watching football if you have nobody to share the fun with

and yesterday i was walking past our local tiny Gawler Village Twin Cinema and there was this poster.

'True Cinematic Gaming'

what is it? it just a gathering of console gamers who meet every fortnight at the cinema and hang out.. have fun.. play video games on the massive cinema screen! hell yeah. there will be (or so they say) competitions and prizes to be won. and they are actually sponsored by pretty big companies too. so, not bad at all.

the first ever event was last week, on the 7th of June. i didn't know of it till yesterday so i missed that one. but i'm planning, and really looking forward to join them next week. this one, i hope, will be epic!

so gamers in SA, if you guys are interested, more info is available at True Cinematic Gaming's Facebook page.


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