Wednesday, June 23, 2010

tentang Cinematic Gaming at Gawler Twin Cinema

i'm not talking about gaming cinematic vids here. the True Cinematic Gaming is a fortnightly event held at the Gawler cinema where gamers (console gamers) can attend and compete to win prizes. and oh.. the competition event will use the cinema screen. that is one huge screen to play on

the screen

i missed the first ever event in may. did not know about it then. but i went there on monday to have a look. meet them people and see for myself what happens and what games are there. i mostly play MMOs on PC.. and the last console that i had was a ps2 that i sold around 5 years ago. so i don't think i know how to play the new games on a ps3 or xbox360 in multiplayer mode

only $5 for a spectator ticket, $10 for 'MiniGame' Players and $15 (this may change) for 'Registered' Players.

how was the event? pretty cool actually. there were around 20 people there and maybe 16 of them compete. for now, they only organize comps for COD:MW2. the gamers are split into 2 teams and will go against each other in a 2v2 matches until every gamer have played 3 matches. winning team will receive prizes each, and player with the highest points wins the grand prize. last monday, it was a $100 EBGames voucher. that is a lot.

the event

why 2v2? that is what i asked because a PC gamer like me would assume an FPS game would be like 5v5 or 10v10 matches.. but it is different on consoles. it is probably the easier (and more practical) option to go for a 2v2 split-screen matches format.

the organizers are planning to have a bigger event, with more games and consoles. but with 20-ish people, there in not so much they can do. they are hoping more people will hear about this and be interested.

as for me, i think i'll attend the next and start to be a regular even though i don't go there to play. i don't want to be that n00b that provides the other team all the kills. i think this event is a great idea that probably needs some time to start up. who knows maybe one day it will be a common thing for cinemas all over the world to organize something like this.

for more information about this head to their Facebook page

if anyone in Adelaide is interested in this, the next event does not have an official date yet but it probably will be in 4 weeks time. Monday, 6.30pm to 12.00am in Gawler. keep an eye on their Facebook page for announcements.


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