Wednesday, June 2, 2010

tentang Cooler Than Me

there are 2 things that im getting sick of hearing on tv now. one.. that Israeli attack/self-defence issue and the interview of Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner on aussie tv. the first issue just spawns so much negativity that i think even talking of it is poison.. and the latter is just ridiculous. i like the twilight saga, both book and movie.. but that much hype and how kids look at them like they are gods.. is a little too disgusting. no im not jealous

so anyway .. there is a song i want to share. don't know if the radio back home has started playing this song or not.. but i just thought i'd share. first heard it on Ellen Show.. a performance by Joseph Vincent (the video below the original one). the original song is by Mike Posner

'Cooler Than Me' - Mike Posner
(with lyrics)

'Cooler Than Me' Cover - Joseph Vincent
on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
(the song starts at 1:01)

love the song because it sounds so cool.. and i love the cover even more actually. the acoustics guitar makes it song even cooler. that is epic

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