Thursday, July 8, 2010

tentang The Day We Met

people normally remember every single detail of the moment they first met their other half. as for me i did not quite remember all the details when i first saw her 16 years ago.

we went to the same secondary school, a boarding school. i was a nerdy (not the genius kind) kid. 'sivik' kid they called me because i follow all the rules and doesn't really know how to have fun. and when it comes to girls, i was entirely clueless.

on the first day of school all the 'freshies' had an assembly, our very first, wearing our new school uniforms for the very first time. before the assembly we lined up according to our dorms and entered the main hall in lines of new students. there was a rather long (but forgettable) assembly and then we were sorted into our classes.

at some point before or after (i am quite sure it was before) the assembly, standing in line with my dorm mates, i was trying to look for anyone i had know in primary school. there was supposed to be three of us that was selected to go to this school. but i have not yet seen those people i know. maybe they did not accept the offer and decided to stay home. boarding school is not for everyone anyway

looking around, i saw this girl, walking in the long line of girls. she was fair and her cheeks were rosy. she wears her uniform a little different from others, she kinda looked awkward wearing it, and she did not smile or laugh. she had that clueless and a little scared look on her face like the rest of us. i remember thinking that she was extremely cute, even without any cute expression on her face.

i felt something.

i was a nerdy kid, feelings toward girls are alien to me. confusing and a little bit embarrassing, even just to myself. but albeit not understanding what i felt, i remember that moment very well. because i felt something

we did not meet until a few days later. she was in the same class with me. we were the same class for three straight years. now, 16 years later, we are still together.

last night i wished her happy 3rd anniversary.. and i can't wait to celebrate all our future anniversaries with her until the rest of my life.

again, happy 3rd anniversary sayang

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