Tuesday, July 6, 2010

tentang Nasi Lemak and The A-Team

NOTE: this post was written last week.

so what about them? well if you don't live in malaysia, it would probably be kinda big a deal when you eat nasi lemak.

of the Nasi Lemak

like mentioned in the previous 'teaser' post.. it was my birthday last friday. so on the next day we invited friends over and made nasi lemak and bought cake and chat and laughed. it was a fun day. i am surprised how satisfying it feels when friends come over, even when they are extremely busy and stressed (for some), and have a good time. and even more satisfying to see them liking the food we (as in my wife made them.. i tried to help) served. i think i'm actually growing up

other than nasi lemak (with prawn sambal and the usual condiments) and chicken rendang, there were chips, which i found out little kids really love, a lovely (bought) coffee pecan cake (whats a birthday without the cake right?), various juices and soft drinks. a friend made this awesome jalapeƱo chilli and cheese fritters, it looks like cekodok but tastes awesome.. if you love cheese that is

the last person left at around 11pm. an awesome day.. and then i took this picture. presents from everyone

i have to say.. my favourite would be the Neil Gaiman book. GH5? love it too but not as much as the book tho. thank you my wife for getting it for me. i have been looking for pre-owned Neil Gaiman's books everywhere but couldn't find it. lol i know.. i'm a bit cheap when it comes to books :P

of The A-Team

on sunday we went shopping for clothes we need for our next trip next month. bought heaps. maybe because we were in such a good mood. but it was pretty good because we did not spend all that much at all. later that day we used the free tickets i got and watched The A-Team.

when i was a little boy i remember, vaguely, watching the tv show. i remember how i would think that Mr.T talks really fast. but what i remember most is my A-Team bed sheet.. with Mr.T's face huge in the center, the van somewhere, the other guys somewhere in the middle too.. and explosions everywhere.

but this movie remake is not something i would go see at the movies if not for the free tix. honestly, i expected it to be like a guy's version of Charlie's Angels remake. i thought well, lets go watch it and have fun since it was free. so we did just that.

it turned out, that movie was extremely fun to watch. no.. not 'fun' like how lots of people say GI.Joe remake would be (which was a waste of my time to me). but genuine, proper great action movie with excellent sense of humour. and to have gone there expecting to see this mediocre, perhaps a bit cheap, quality movie, made the experience just so much better. i love unexpected, awesome surprises if i meet the director i'd apologize to him.

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